Understanding Wiring

Learn about wiring here to prepare on your next project.

  • Wire Sizes

    Wire sizes are dependent on the distance and the load that will be on the wire. Higher the load the bigger the wire needs to be, and the longer the wire the greater the wire sized needs to be. At a maximum of 100 you can only go 12 feet on an 18 gauge wire but on a 14 gauge wire [bigger] the wire can be 30 feet. We can help you choose the right wire and length by providing us an idea of the project layout.

  • cULus Certified

    Our wire is all cULus certified with an FT4 fire rating which allows the wires to be run inside the wall. Also, our wire is Sun Light resistant which allows the wire to be exposed to sunlight, a great advantage when coming from the inside of a building to the outside of the building.